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Experience Has A Name….Bob Witzl or more affectionately known here as “Bob the Builder.” He is our modular expert with 19 years experience and hundreds of completed construction projects on his resume.

Bob provides a FREE 10 minute phone consultation prior to your first visit to see if a modular project is right for you. Call 281.916.1888 to schedule a no pressure phone consultation and have all of your questions answered.



Services We Provide

Assist With Financing and Lenders Contract Negotiations
Site Development – LEARN MORE Title Work
Specialize in Elevated Homes and Coastal Code Land Searches
TDI Compliant Property Surveys
Certified Appraisals Custom Construction
Beach Front Modular Home

We Specialize In Coastal Mods

Modular Projects, especially in city jurisdictions, can be daunting tasks to the less experienced dealerships. Planning, permitting, zoning and inspections are only a handful of the hurdles we face. Don’t just trust your new home and more importantly, piece of mind, to amateurs.


Popular Coastal Floor Plans

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